A genre by any other name

pinecone for club quarantine

The Quarantrain started out as an idea by a few people getting together after Club Quarantine by Dave Dresden on his stream @gabrielanddresden on Twitch. That much of the story has been told far and wide. So how has this affected what we’ve done since?

On our travels with the Quarantrain we’ve seen many things. Some are probably left buried deep in the vods of Twitch. But among those are various DJs that have played a wide variety of genres. In the beginning there was a feeling of experimentation, that all genres were as good as any other. As one of the original team, I myself have very broad and fuzzy definitions of genres anyway, so I tend to be open to variety.

At the start of CQ After Hours we had already been sitting in Dave’s living room for 6-10 hours a night for a full month. At times it felt like we had been hanging out with him in a way. Though the majority of us all didn’t have a depth of knowledge about genres we had met through that music we had in common, and Dave Dresden’s admittedly rather loose definitions.

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