Heres a bit of the ongoing story of cq After Hours and our adventures in music.

I’ve felt from the earliest days that there is something special in the time we’re in. The music landscape is changing. …has changed around us. As much as the shift from vinyl, from cassettes, from CDs, to MP3 and to closed garden streaming like Itunes/Spotify. Every discovery that a label DJ makes, every new connection that any DJ makes, every producer discovering they have access is a piece of this livestreaming history that we’re seeing right now.

What we are about is connecting people through music and livestreaming. At the same time we can promote streams and Producers amongst ourselves to help keep the music alive and the lights on for all those talented streamers that we watch. Though we don’t support them financially, the links between people can be more important.

We are a group founded and constructed by fans. We support the sharing of music we like between streamers, and don’t focus our efforts on any single stream, label, or celebrity.