The new cqAH

We’ve come along way together. Now here we are after the last days of the Quarantrain. What do we do? We continue to do what we’ve always done: Explore Twitch, and have fun together sharing music.

Our Quarantrain run was an amazing ride that we’ll never forget. Its only 1 tool for exploring all there is in Twitch however. A tool that we came up with in the middle of the night on the first days of raiding has taken us through these months and introduced us to many places. There are more tools to discover!

There were limitations to what we were doing:
Its hard coordinating something 24/7 over time and maintaining the original goals of the founders, just the man hours alone is challenging. At the same time raids are an important tool for every streamer and handing off any amount of autonomy over something like that is a difficult thing to do. Only our genuine support and at times our reputation for repeat visits allowed us to continue on. So generally it was a small group of Conductors putting in very long hours so that we could maintain.

Also Twitch doesn’t have infinite variety available at all times. There are definite tendencies toward genre and feel that shift over time and timezone. These aren’t put on any schedule its just the way of things when dealing with a global platform full of independent streamers. Eventually there is a shift to something else. Maintaining viewers through that shift is hard when we have a tradition of tying every raid to the last in an unending chain.

The New Direction:

So now we being to shift ourselves off of the 1 raid, 1 stream chain to looking at Twitch as it is with many different genres and often many tempting streams on at once. We can point to many streams at once, we can work on helping to network between different groups and linking up new friends around the world. We can act as a hub between the different circles we’ve come to know around Twitch and keep the excitement of discovery alive.

We go from being a single train moving through the wilderness to a lighthouse in the dark. We’ll help others navigate from place to place and be a part of the system that enables communication.

So thats a bit of the goal for the near term. Likely changes will roll out to Discord a while before we get to our FB, as it has a lot of automation available that FB doesn’t allow. We’ll keep all our Socials involved though, dont worry!


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