The mission is to bring supportive listerners to streamers on Twitch. We do this since the site itself is bad at directing users, particularly newer ones to music outside an initially small circle of links that you start with.  With only those initial links and people you meet,  you are quickly locked into a relatively small circle of streamers that makes the Twitch music music world.  In fact the Twitch has become the new home to thousands of new DJs in addition to the ones that were already on the platform for years. The amount of music out there is incredible.


So now we bring viewers and streamers together from around the world so that we can share in the music that we all enjoy. At the same time we support inclusive, supportive, tolerant audiences to come with us in an After Hours party atmosphere in the spirit of how the whole thing started.


We organize and communicate with thousands of Twitch viewers and hundreds of streamers on a constant basis through social media and direct messaging. We coordinate schedules and shows with viewers for an ongoing stream of music and live viewing entertainment. It really is all about the fun.. and the music.

What We Do.

Things that can help

The Music

What's new?

We're always on the move and always looking for others to bring onto the train.

If you're a friendly sort that is open to exploring music with others while we joke and party at all hours, you're a perfect fit for the CQ After Hours. We are all voluntary and  not-for profit.

Resources for helping & being helped

We've seen many genres of music and personalities on our travels.

We've partied with streamers of everything from psytrance through happyhardcore, and beyond. We do tend to gravitate to tranceo r progressive music and surrounding genres the most when they are available. This is the area overlaps the largest part of our audience.

Our quick growth has meant the addition of a lot in the past weeks.


Just recently added this website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord to help everyone find the music with us in the greatest Twitch After Party around.

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