Mainly we need help through communication:


Most often by the time you've heard from us we've already looked at the vods and seen that the music or show is something we're interested in. Then we need to figure out if we can work together and keep the Raid moving forward.

Generally we ask a few simple questions:


Communication is key to what we do: Barring emergencies this is what we try to ask.


  • Do you want a raid? (Yes there are some that do not.)
  • If we raided you would you continue us on through a raid at the end of your set? (We want to keep our chain alive.)
  • If we have a target would you consider raiding us there at the end?
    (Sometimes we have streamers we've checked out in that time frame and would like to make a visit)
  • About how long are you playing?




Why ask how long is left in the set?

Sometimes we've been looking for an hour or more for a raid target. Each raid has the potential to lose some passengers. If you only have a few songs
left it won't do either of us that much good. Don't worry the nights are long, once we make contact there is interest and we'll be back around.


Why do you care what target I go to?


Its one way we keep our raids running so long. If you have a target you would like to go for, thats great too, lets have a conversation.


What generally works easiest is if you raid us to our target, and you give us the link to yours. We can then talk with them and go through the whole process. When the chain continues through cooperation it creates bigger raids for more streamers. The more that we can work with you and plan out our path, the more often we can return and the bigger the audience will be when we do.


Are you trying to just raid your own friends?


No. Six weeks ago most of us in the raid train and none of the lead conductors knew each other. All the streamers the leads have met since then, most while exploring Twitch with the Quarantrain. What we are trying to do is be organized in our approach to bring the most viewers to the most streamers. Random targets doesn't work as well for either of us.

Can you get here at x:xx time?


Probably not. If you give us a 6 hour window a few days ahead of time, maybe. Most DJs on twitch don't have a set schedule, and end times vary widely even when they do.  Sometimes we can make special arrangements with a few very helpful streamers we can ask for end times. So our attention is on their show while there, and your show when we arrive at yours.


How long can I play when you arrive?


Its your show. Sometimes the best fun is had in overtime when the energy is great. We wouldn't miss that. We Wouldn't want you to either.


We would suggest though that you watch and if the chat is dead, maybe the viewer count is falling off rapidly, maybe you're not feeling it. Maybe don't extend to playing your entire library.


Share the audience along the way to the next streamer. These are things that make us confident that coming back your way will be a good thing for both of us. Remember our raid train isn't a one time event, we continue on and try to keep our After Party going.


How can you help?

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