No single person could take on all there is to do on the quarantrain. There are hundreds of people who have contributed, and its been a group effort from the start. Our group of conductors helps to guide the train with all the inputs we get from viewers and streamers alike.


The Quarantrain has always existed to help get more music for fans, and more viewers for talented DJs. Many of the DJs we've met have had small viewer counts despite being extremely skilled at what they do. Through organization and communication we can help do the exploration and timing to help both groups.


We'll try and break down some of the contributions you can make whichever side of the camera you are on.

How can you help?


Fans and DJs


Positivity and Tolerance


This is as much a note of thanks to the great people that have come with us on this journey. The people on the Quarantrain have been amazing.. positive, fun, tolerant, and supportive. Thank you. This literally wouldn't go on without you, or the atmosphere you create. If we maintain that good spirit we wil be able to carry on.

Communication is key


We depend on links to DJs from everyone we meet. Feel free to whisper to our conductors in Twitch or drop links to us on Discord, FB, IG. 


Any schedules followed by a given DJ are good to know as well, along with how long they may play that time. This gives us a chance to plan when we come and where we can go next.

We see you up there, juggling 12 things at once.

Our goal is to see your best show, not distract from it as much as possible.


Heres more detailed info on how you can help.

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