Its Why we got came together the first day, and its why we stay together every day after.

Our groups origins are in that time of night emerging from a 'club' and wanting the rave  to not be over. So we made a Twitch After Party. ..and Its always After Hours somewhere!

Finding music at all hours of the day, around the world, in all corners of Twitch.

We've been working to keep music going 24/7. With the randomness of the streams this is challenging each day. But the adventure is real!

Sharing viewers and streamers

We share connections between viewers and streamers alike. The connections we've created outlast the effects of the raids that we bring. Working to have fun and expand the world of Twitch for Quarantrain passengers, and support streamers with audiences.

Music Everywhere Always


Continuous Music

Sharing and exploring

World map of first 6 weeks of CQ After Hours raid travel on Twitch.

Map of the first 6 weeks of stops on the Quarantrain.

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