The new cqAH

We’ve come along way together. Now here we are after the last days of the Quarantrain. What do we do? We continue to do what we’ve always done: Explore Twitch, and have fun together sharing music.

Our Quarantrain run was an amazing ride that we’ll never forget. Its only 1 tool for exploring all there is in Twitch however. A tool that we came up with in the middle of the night on the first days of raiding has taken us through these months and introduced us to many places. There are more tools to discover!

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A genre by any other name

pinecone for club quarantine

The Quarantrain started out as an idea by a few people getting together after Club Quarantine by Dave Dresden on his stream @gabrielanddresden on Twitch. That much of the story has been told far and wide. So how has this affected what we’ve done since?

On our travels with the Quarantrain we’ve seen many things. Some are probably left buried deep in the vods of Twitch. But among those are various DJs that have played a wide variety of genres. In the beginning there was a feeling of experimentation, that all genres were as good as any other. As one of the original team, I myself have very broad and fuzzy definitions of genres anyway, so I tend to be open to variety.

At the start of CQ After Hours we had already been sitting in Dave’s living room for 6-10 hours a night for a full month. At times it felt like we had been hanging out with him in a way. Though the majority of us all didn’t have a depth of knowledge about genres we had met through that music we had in common, and Dave Dresden’s admittedly rather loose definitions.

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Raiding is helpful chaos.

At the time of writing our Quarantrain raids have been going on for just shy of 21 days. Thats 3 weeks of conversations, planning, panic, and every version of ‘hurry up and wait’.

So what is a Raid anyway? Its a structure that is unique to Twitch as a viewing platform AFAIK. You can see Twitch’s official raid documentaion here, but that doesn’t really tell you why anyone should care.

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Travelling the lonely broken road..

The main project that we work on in CQ After Hours is the Quarantrain raids. Taking place on Twitch, we work to move viewers from one streamer to another so we can keep the music going. We’re always moving on to that next broadcast.

We’ve been running our chain of raids for nearly 19 days at the time of writing. 24/7 continuously guided raids. It seems the stability of the streaming software has been deteriorating on a weekly basis. At first it was a rare occurrence to have a panic raid due to some software glitch. Now several weeks in its happening at least daily and sometimes 2-3 times a day. Since we average about 9 stops a day thats 30% of our stops that are experiencing glitches.

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Introducing the Quarantrain Blog

Blogging the wild and wondrous travels of the CQ After Hours Quarantrain Raids.

After our 2nd crazy week traveling to all corners of the Twitch musical world, here we are. Challenged to create a journal of our travels by Dave Dresden himself while livestreaming in at Club Quarantine.

Since our crazy trip began it has been our self-made challenge to bring our passengers back to Club Quarantine. Making our own little CQ After Hours group a fun way to keep the happy energy flowing at all times.